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  • Functional wind-shell jacket designed so you can run far whilst remaining light on your feet. Deciding whether to wear a jacket or just bite one’s lip and ‘brave it’ can be an uncompromising call before… Read more
  • 'I think you should run,' the coach told me, 'but you're not ready for 12km here yet.' I couldn't have agreed more. I'd only been here two weeks and I definitely wasn't properly acclimatised yet.… Read more
  • By Sarah Tunstall The beginning of February and hopefully the worst of this year’s winter is behind us, however, the Cross-Country season is still in full swing! Last weekend saw the annual Northern Cross-Country Championships… Read more
  • 2015 was a strange year for me. I had the best year of results I've ever had, but didn't finish a race beyond April the 19th, despite completing a really hard training block in preparation… Read more