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  • I have now come down from altitude to race twice, but I still seem to be none the wiser as to how best to go about getting the best out of myself at sea-level after… Read more
  • Morten Auset is 36 years old and a former cross skier. He started to run in 2013 and completed Trondheim ½ Marathon that year. After reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, he… Read more
  • Name: Morten Auset  Age: 35 Club & Country: Byåsen IL, Norway Event: Ultrarunning Occupation: Production Manager Personal bests: Marathon: 2:56, 6 hour 73,908 km, 24 hour 161,636 k Morten Auset is 36 years old and… Read more
  • Name: Hanna Tarver Age: 22 Club & Country: Wirral AC, England Event: 800m Occupation: Chemical Engineering Student Personal bests: 800m- 2:01.82, 1500m- 4:16.9   1. Greatest running achievement to date? Winning the British University Championships… Read more