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  • If you plan to run every day, then you need to take certain steps to remain injury-free and enjoy the experience. Here is our guide to daily running… 1. Invest in an all-weather running wardrobe… Read more
  • Are you quick to dismiss the benefits of shorter runs? Don’t be – short runs can get you fit and help you live longer. Here’s why they are more effective than you think If you’re… Read more
  • All sizes and ages can run Don’t let your size or age put you off running. Age is just a number and body shape doesn’t need to be a barrier You don’t have to be… Read more
  • Running is the most accessible form of exercise you can try. There’s no need for expensive health club memberships or trying to find the nearest gym when you’re on holiday. You can do it anywhere… Read more
  • Words: Sarah Tunstall Thyon-Dixence is a 16km race and actually doesn't climb as much as many Swiss Mountain races with only 700m. It is a race that has been on my radar ever since I… Read more
  • Starting a run streak could mean many consecutive days of running. Being prepared for all conditions with the correct kit choices will give you the protection, regulation and safety needed to keep going from one day… Read more
  • The #RunEveryDay initiative is capturing this spirit of what Ron has dedicated a lifetime to. Decades ago, not content at being the fastest man in the world over 26.2 miles, he set out to run… Read more
  • Like most runners, I'm completely OCD! So I start each new season with a plan, targeting each big event specifically and look forward to ticking off the progressive stepping stones along the way. This summer… Read more
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