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  • Due to ill health, Ron has ended his incredible run streak of 52 years and 39 days without a day off. The former European, Commonwealth and Boston Marathon Champion began the streak in December 1964… Read more
  • An antioxidant packed smoothie and rich in anti-inflammatory fats to support recovery after exercise. Use yogurt, kefir or a mixture to create a delicious creamy shake as well as boosting your intake of beneficial bacteria… Read more
  • If you plan to run every day, then you need to take certain steps to remain injury-free and enjoy the experience. Here is our guide to daily running… 1. Invest in an all-weather running wardrobe… Read more
  • Are you quick to dismiss the benefits of shorter runs? Don’t be – short runs can get you fit and help you live longer. Here’s why they are more effective than you think If you’re… Read more
  • Like most runners, I'm completely OCD! So I start each new season with a plan, targeting each big event specifically and look forward to ticking off the progressive stepping stones along the way. This summer… Read more
  • I’ve never really thought too much about food when I’ve been training hard. I think Steve Jones said he did his marathon training on a diet of Mars Bars, Coca Cola and meat pies, so… Read more
  • I have now come down from altitude to race twice, but I still seem to be none the wiser as to how best to go about getting the best out of myself at sea-level after… Read more
  • Morten Auset is 36 years old and a former cross skier. He started to run in 2013 and completed Trondheim ½ Marathon that year. After reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, he… Read more
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