Our History

  • 1970


    In 1970 Ron Hill is the first ever Britain to win the Boston Marathon, in 2hrs 10mins 30secs Ron Hill also strikes gold at the Commonwealth Games recording a time of 2hrs 9mins 28secs On 9th September 1970 Ron Hill sets up Ron Hill Sports

  • 1972

    Dr Ron Hill designs and produces the first edition of the Trackster®.

  • 1975

    Ron Hill Sports opens it’s first shop, in Hyde Cheshire, following on from the early success of the mail order business, which Ron Hill ran from his home since 1970.

  • 1978

    Ron Hill Sports reaches a turnover of £200,000. 3 products drive the business: the Marathon Vest, Union Jack Short & Tracksters®

  • 1981

    1st London Marathon founded by Chris Brasher. The running boom is on the increase and London Marathon provides the catalyst to the brand. Chris Brasher is the distributor of New Balance shoes whilst Ron Hill is the distributor of Nike shoes in the UK. Ron Hill Sports grows in numbers with its employees coming from graduate and running backgrounds

  • 1985

    1000 stores on Ron Hill Sports books. Running specific stores open by the week along with general sports stores looking towards running as a key driver for success.

  • 1989

    Sales exceed £6million from Ron Hill Sports retail outlets and branded products.

  • 1990s

    Global brand dominance grows and sees and increasingly competitive running market

  • 1991

    Peaco Group buys Ron Hill Sports and Dr. Ron Hill acts as ambassador to the brand.Logo 1995

  • 1999

    At a time early in the gym movement boom, the Ron Hill business is mainly driven by Trackster® sales.
    Ron Hill Sports is now owned by OSC Ltd

  • 2001

    A new team is at Ronhill® bringing a new dynamic to the brand, focusing on the core running apparel at the heart of Ronhill® and also a strong focus on design and development of the women’s run and fitness apparel.

  • 2002

    Spring Summer 2002 range is a split mix of run and bike apparel with a women’s run collection forming a small 11 piece range which expands slightly during the Autumn Winter season. The bike collection is a 26 product strong collection.

  • 2003

    In May 2003 OSC Ltd is sold to Swiss Cutlery Ltd giving Ronhill® new stability to expand the brand. Autumn Winter 2003: the Ronhill® collection comprised of Elite run – 15 products, a new warm-up range of 5 pieces, Marathon run which was a mix of 8 products and also thermal and Hi-Viz clothing.
    In addition to this was a range of women’s run clothing consisting of 17 pieces. Ronhill® also produced 5 different sock and a range gloves and hats. This was in addition to a smaller 14-piece bike range.

  • 2004

    Spring Summer 2004 was the launch of a new women’s run collection featuring 21 products, up from 11 in 2002.
    Ronhill® also launches ‘All Terrain Gear’ a range of 10 products for outdoor enthusiasts which features 3 jackets including the Summit jacket, 3 mid pieces and 4 leg wear pieces.
    Autumn Winter 2004 saw the launch of the men’s Classic range taking over from the Marathon collection. Also in Autumn Winter 2004 is a 17-piece Hi-Viz range consisting of jackets, mid layers, leg wear and accessories. All are designed to put the safety of nighttime runners as number one priority.

  • 2005

    In 2005 a separate Fitness collection is introduced into the Ronhill® range for the first time. This range of 10 women’s exercise products compliments the 15 piece Elite run collection by using similar styles and garment colours to bring the 2 collections together.
    Ronhill® links up with Breast Cancer Campaign to raise money through the sale of it women’s Elite and Fitness collections for the charity. Over £5000 was raised in the first year.

  • 2006

    Spring Summer 2006 saw the Ronhill® collection feature new innovative products from the men’s Solution jacket and Air Con Tee which uses body mapping fabric technology.
    In Autumn Winter the Ronhill® collections were renamed for a new season. The men’s elite run collection, known as Advance, and women’s elite, known as, Aspiration feature new jackets, mid layer pieces and leg wear. The Hi-Viz range is subject to a complete design overhaul as is now currently available in Fluo yellow & Black and for the first time in men and women’s specific collections. The range is renamed Vizion.
    Ronhill® launched a brand new range of accessories in the new Additions range. 3 new socks for both genders and new hats and gloves compliment old favourites.

  • 2007/2008

    Developing the winter hi-viz ‘Vizion’ range is a key focus with the introduction of LED technology into a variety of outerwear pieces. A small static or flashing LED unit is developed in conjunction with new jackets and accessories.

  • 2009/2010

    During 2009 Ronhill a variety of Ronhill products are highlighted as key for Trail/Fell runners as they are at the top end of our lightweight clothing range.
    Winter ’09 comprises of the biggest Vizion range including the new Rip-Zip jacket which features YKK Quickburst zips. The Quickburst zips are integrated into the jackets design to allow the users to ‘rip off’ the sleeves and convert the jacket into a gilet quickly.


    40th anniversary year! Dr Ron Hill M.B.E. is brand ambassador taking part in special events to celebrate the brand’s and his own achievements 40 years ago.