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By Andrew on

2012 mileage…

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Week 17 ended Friday April 27 with a total of 35 miles. My weeks always end on a Friday.  Monday’s 4 miles, ” felt very tired.” Tuesday’s 5 miles, ” did not feel like running at all – depressed – too much pressure of things to do.” Wednesday’s 4.5 miles, ” felt out of breath and tired – extra mileage not working – at home anyway – too much stress. ” Thursday and Friday were 5 milers and I felt tired on both.

Longer runs in Brighton and London had all been at around 10:10 to 10:20 pace yet at home were more like 11:30 pace. At home I was back in my old routine of getting up around 6:00 AM and running sometimes before 7:00 AM. I need more sleep and maybe less miles.


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