Men's Running Trousers

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In cold conditions runners had two options—they could either wear ill-fitting cotton trousers, which soaked up rain and sweat, or they could wear shorts. When training every day (or sometimes twice), neither were delivering on the true needs, so Ron used his craft and brought to light a more suitable solution. 

The resulting design was the Trackster - a complete rethink of running legwear from the tarmac up. These lightweight, ergonomic, running-only trousers were a world away from the cotton precursors most runners had no option but to wear. 

The design was simple.  

Ron moved beyond cotton and introduced Nylon, a lighter fabric with stretch which dried quickly when it became sweaty. The tapered design allowed freedom of movement when runners were in full stride, all securely contoured from the ankle by the legendary stirrup.  

Ron introduced them in warmer, heavier weight materials making them bestsellers with the running club network in the UK and Europe keeping runners warm before and after races. With the boom of running in the late 70’s and the global success of the Trackster, Ron was able to establish and grow the brand beyond its core.  

Loved for their fit, comfort and function, the Trackster became increasingly popular with the military.  

Although running legwear design has evolved into tights and compression, the Trackster remains popular, substantiating it as a timeless running classic.  

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Together with Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), we are working to achieve fair working conditions worldwide. Ronhill has been a member of FWF since 2012 and has developed a close partnership with the foundation, working together with them continuously over the past 7 years.

 As of May 2019 Ronhill has been awarded ‘Leader Status’ by Fair Wear Foundation, the highest of their performance benchmarking categories, for a third year running.

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“Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race.”

Words spoken by our inspirational founder and one of Britain’s world class athletes Dr. Ron Hill M.B.E.  Ron was a runner, an innovator and a pioneer and strived to not only compete at the elite end of sport but create new apparel and improve clothing for all runners.

Ron’s dedication to the sport is epitomised in his world record run streak of 19,032 days. That’s running every day for 52 years and 39 days. A feat that is unlikely to ever be matched