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Gear Care

Taking care of your Ronhill gear.

Following the aftercare label instructions, which can be found in all Ronhill products, can assist in their longevity and making sure your new favourite kit stays with you longer.

How to wash your running apparel

Washing instructions are printed on the aftercare labels inside our garments. Following our garment instructions will help make sure that your clothing last as long as possible and avoid unnecessary land fill. 

Before washing, ensure all drawcords under tension are released, pockets are empty, all zips are done up fully and any Velcro adjusters are fastened.

It is possible to wash multiple garments at once but please avoid washing heavily soiled garments together and never leave soiled wet garments together before washing, as this can cause colours to bleed.

Washing temperature

Unless stated otherwise wash at 40°C . By doing so, more of the bacteria will be killed, making your gear last longer and smell nicer.

Wash with like colours

To keep your gear looking fresh always wash with like colours and when wet, keep bright and dark colours away from other fabrics.

Non-biological is best

Do not use biological washing detergents as this can damage finishes such as water repellence.

Ronhill and fabric softeners don't mix!

Fabric softeners coat the surface of the fabric. This can damage any logos/motifs, inhibit odour control, impair moisture wicking and can reduce the longevity of any elastane content. If you have used fabric softener by mistake, please wash your items again without fabric softener and they should return to their normal wicking level as the softener is washed away. Do not bleach as it will result in discolouration of your apparel and destroy any finishes.

Waterproof gear

Waterproof fabrics will perform best for breathability and waterproofness when kept clean from grease, dirt from body sweat, and sunscreen oils as they can make you feel damp and cold even if the clothing isn't actually leaking.

Always zip up the garment before washing. Wash at 40°C with non-biological detergent and never use fabric softener.

Our waterproof fabrics are treated with a Durable Water-Repellent finish (DWR), this keeps the outer fabric from becoming drenched so that the breathable barrier can do its job. If water is not beading on the fabric surface, then the DWR is no longer working. To reactivate the DWR, firstly clean then tumble dry at a low temperature. If this does not help, then it is time to consider reproofing your garment. We recommend using a spray-on reproofing product from Grangers®.

GORE-TEX® products

Always zip up the garment before washing and place in a wash bag. Wash at 40°C with liquid detergent then rinse twice. Do not use fabric softener or bleach and only use non-biological detergent. Do not iron or tumble dry and line dry only. Find more details on the GORE-TEX® website:

Ronhill Hydration kits

Hand wash using a bottle brush to clean thoroughly. If the kit has a straw, clean by using a cleaning brush kit.

Ronhill Backpacks & Belts

Carefully hand wash separately in cold temperature. Brush away any dirt and re-shape if needed. Dry the item in a flat position and store away from direct sunlight.

Ronhill Accessories

Most of our accessories are made using the same high-quality fabrics that Ronhill clothing is made from, so please follow the same advice and take instruction from the wash care label provided. We suggest placing into a delicate’s bag and, as with our clothing wash, at the temperature stated and line dry away from heat.

Drying your running apparel, line dry is best!

The best way to dry your gear is on the line away from heat as it can degrade finishes such as moisture wicking and water repellence. Instead, line drying helps maintain the shape of any fabric with elastane content. It also saves energy and reduces environmental impact. Please dry bright colours inside out to avoid colour fading from sunlight. Do not dry clean as it is not necessary.


Iron on a low temperature, avoiding contact with any zips or logos. Please refer to the aftercare label for suitability of ironing, especially for your waterproof jackets.