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By Oliver on

49 years on the Run!

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Congratulations from everyone at Ronhill and Hilly, as today is the 49th year of Ron’s running streak. Ron has successfully completed 49 years of consecutive running without missing a day and his total logged mileage is now 158,628 and counting!

On a cold December morning on the top of Werneth Low, the place of many of Ron’s training runs, he vividly recalls the start of the 50 year streak, “it was following the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 where I’d finished 19th in the Marathon and was very disappointed with my performance”

“I knew I had a lot more to give so I started training twice-a-day everyday other than on a Sunday – although that would still be a 20 mile long run!”

At the age of 75, Ron still runs 3 to 4 miles everyday and regularly competes.

“This year I have now competed in 100 countries. My running has taken me around the world to some incredible countries in South American, Asia and Europe”

Is there any sign of him slowing down?

“No not yet! Running makes me feel good and keeps me healthy so why would I stop? I don’t want to put a time on it, as long as my body agrees with me I will keep running everyday.

“I make it my aim to get up to Werneth Low at least once a week and run around the hills because the views are spectacular”

“I may not be as fast as I once was but the satisfaction I get from lacing up my trainers has never changed!”

Well done Ron.

Morning run up to Werneth Low

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