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A Weekend Full Of Racing

A big racing weekend has just passed for our brand.
We were pleased to be present in three big races happening across
the U.K.

The morning of the 28th of October started off with the Ron Hill Manchester
University Relays to which we were an official supporter of. Supporting the young runners means taking care of the running future.

Dr. Ron, was awarded his degree and PhD,
from the university and ran the relay on several occasions, including one year running all 6 legs. We hope the relationship we still hold with Manchester University to grow even more in the coming years.

Sunday the 29th of October we were present in the Dublin Marathon race, to which Ronhill was the official clothing supplier for. A very special day for Ireland, who saw Kemal Husen breaking the course record with an amazing time of 1:06:51 and Armente Sorome Negash being the first female finisher with a speedy time of 2:26:22. Stephen Scullion was the National Marathon maleChampion coming 3rd overall with a time of 2:11:51 and Ann Marie
Mycglynn was the National women’s Champion with a time of 2:34:11. One of the biggest marathons in the world, it was a pleasure for our brand to be able to support it in the way we know best.

At the same time, we were an official supporter of the Eryri Marathon in Snowdonia, which saw thousands of runners taking part despite the rainy and cold conditions. A notable mention goes to Marshall Smith who become the youngest ever winner of the race at just 22 years old and managed to break the course record with a time of 2:31:21. Finally, Alaw Evans became only the second ever female to run the marathon under 3 hours and take the women’s title. When it comes to a challenging marathon, the Eryri one is certainly up on the list, due to its’ location, yet the achievements of these runners and anyone who completes it are inspiring and admirable to us all.

Whether it’s race day or a rest one, we continue to do
what we are best at doing. Being there and showing up every day for runners.

Staying true to their running history of over 53 years, we would like to congratulate
all the runners who took part in the races and we look forward to much more races
and events to come.