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By Oliver on

About George Anderson

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George Anderson created the concept of Intelligent Running back in 2005, to help runners give some focus and direction to their training.  In a nutshell Intelligent Running is training with a purpose, rather than purely going out to ‘get the miles in’.

Helping runners better understand effective training strategies such as threshold, hills, and even how to get more out of the classic long run has been the central theme of George’s work.

In addition to the core strategies directly related to running, George also spends time helping runners with their nutrition and other related areas such as body conditioning and mindset.

Simple though running may seem on the surface, there are so many additional levels we can operate at, allowing us to get more out of the fantastic sport.  George’s goal is to help runners dig a little deeper and get more back from each mile invested on the roads.

In 2013 he wrote the book Beginner’s Luck for complete newbies to running.  His work with this group of runners has seen him being asked to present at numerous events for the local authorities as part of a wider scheme to get people more active.

George runs regular live events around the UK and Ireland, teaching his methods and strategies, and has a range of online training programs for the 10k, half & full marathons. Since 2002 he has provided the team of pacemakers for the Reading Half Marathon, and now runs the team for several other large events around the UK.

He’s been featured in publications such as Men’s Fitness, The Sunday Telegraph & The Irish Independent, and his regular training emails are received by thousands of runners.”


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