AFD claim history making double!

AFD put on a dominant display of strength in the National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield on Saturday 2nd November, to put in a historic performance. The under 20 women’s relay started the day, with 3 of the 33 teams on the start line being AFD we dominated not just in number but in quality. The A team of Grace Baker, Amy Griffiths and Emilia Gorecka, produced the 5th, 2nd and fastest legs of the day to win convincingly from the AFD B team in 2nd, with the C team in 5th, an incredible demonstration of strength in depth. The first time a one two has been achieved in the history of the next race was the under 17 Women, AFD A team were 6th and the B team 16th Junior men were 7th and B team 12th The under 17 men were 3rd and 42nd Under 13 girls were 8th Under 13 boys were 5th and 31st Under 15 girls were 2nd, 12th and 42nd Under 15 boys were 3rd and 28th The Senior ladies have never won the National Cross Country Relays and this year came to Mansfield in a mood of quite determination in all 3 teams.

The A team was lead of by Lilly Partridge who went from the gun and while Stevie Stockton went with her she could not stay with Lilly who came come first in what was the fastest time of the day. Lilly handed over to Steph Twell who set of with a determination which resulted in the lead extending and produced the 3rd fastest time of Louise Small was never troubled and finished with the biggest smile of the day with a lead of 90 seconds over the fast finishing Jess Andrews for AFD B team completing the first ever one, two in the senior event.  The C team finished in a creditable 19th place.  The dominance of AFD Ladies continues.

Lily Partridge (far right) wins leg 1 and records fastest time of the day

The Senior men the last race of the day had Josh Grace on the lead off leg for AFD A team.  Andy Vernon took over from Josh and procededto carve his way through the field to hand over the lead in the fastest time of the day. Adam Clarke held the lead to hand over to Jonny Hay, great to see Jonny fully recovered and coming home first.

This is the first time AFD senior men have won this event and the first time any club has won both men and women on the same day.

AFD B team were 14th and C team 110th.

A fantastic performance a day to be proud to be in an AFD squad.

Full results are on the Power of 10. Well done to all – a fantastic day.




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