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By Oliver on

AFD Ladies win National 6 Stage Relay whilst breaking the course record!

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3 AFD senior ladies team (the Maximum allowed) lined up the ERRA National Road Relays at Sutton Park, Birmingham for the first event of the Road Relays events of the weekend

Lilly Partridge lead of for the AFD A team and soon stamped her authority on the race coming home ahead of rivels Charnwood in what turned out to be the 4th fastest time of the day.  Lilly handed over to Steph Twell who ran one second fasted than Lilly for the 3rd fastest time of the day and thereby extended AFD’s lead.  Steph handed over to Louise Small who like wise extended AFD’s in the 8th fastest run of the day.  Louise handed over to Emelia Gorecka an unassailable lead, Emilia not content to sit on a lead blasted out the 2nd fastest leg of the day, only bettered by Gemma Steel of Charnwood who took over in 6th place and fought through to 3rd.  The AFD team time of 56minutes 42seconds was confirmed as a course record beating the previous record held by AFD by 27seconds

This marked the 7th consecutive time AFD have won this championship.
The majestic demonstration of front running by AFD’s A team was matched by superb performances for the B and C team.  The B team of Montana Jones, Emily Hosker Toornhil, Jessica Andrews and Georgie Bruinvel came 4th , with individual times making them 18th, 23rd, 11th and 27th fastest times of the day respectively.  The C team of Amy Griffiths (21st fastest time, Grace Baker 27th, Laura Gent 49th and Bryony Proctor 38th came in in 7th place.

Ladies A team

3 teams in the top 7 and all 12 runners being in the top 50 places individually showed a degree of depth never seen before, an awesome performance.
The Senior men lined up with 84 teams the AFD A team of Josh Grace, Neil phillps, Ian Bailey, Jonny Hay, Steve Connor and Joe Morwood, finnished 7th and the B team of Charli Critchley, Sam Eglen, Tobias Smith, Chris Rooke, Jack Rowe and Chris Rainsford came in 25th.

Lily Partridge, Emeilia Gorecka, Louise Small, Steph Twell

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