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By Oliver Carter on

by design : Tech Ultra Products

Words: Annabelle Lancaster, Designer

Men's Tech Ultra Half Zip Tee

Designed for the longest distances in mind. This top should outrun you and your longest ultra-run. Every storage solution has been properly thought about, and what you need from each pocket - whether it's an easy to reach pocket to stuff a soft flask or that essential banana in. All pockets are easy to reach, making accessibility on-the-run super easy, so you can keep on pounding the miles without stopping. All Ultra products are perfect for longer training miles without having to carry a pack and are designed to be worn without a pack.

Tester feedback: 

"I do like the half zip design feature as it was really useful for controlling temperature."

"Comfortable, breathable and also warm in the wind."

Men's and Women's Tech Ultra Twin Short

Designed to stay comfortable and support you for the longest distances. Every storage solution has been thought about, and what you need from a pocket - easy to reach pockets for soft flasks, making carrying hydration and nutrition easy and comfortable. All pockets are easy to reach. Accessibility on-the-run is of ultimate importance, so you can keep on going mile after mile without having the need to stop, to adjust, reach a jam sandwich, there's even room for your jacket without having to tie it round your waist.

Tester feedback:

"Really like the 'tech' look of the shorts, all the pockets look super useful, and unlike any short I've seen before, exciting to see. The performance of the shorts is how I'd expect a top performance piece to do so. Breathability is very good, coverage/length of outer to inner is perfect. The shorts feel very lightweight for the amount of pockets and tech."

"The fit was really nice. They were very comfortable, the under-short didn't shift around at all during the run and I liked the fact that the under-short wasn't too tight and the over-short was quite baggy. I barely know I was wearing them (in a good way)."

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