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Couch to 5k

Taking up running is a great way to keep active, build up your cardio levels but also connect with the outdoors. The benefits of running are many, but sometimes making the first step towards it might seem a bit challenging. Deciding to run your first 5k should be viewed as a journey – not a sprint.  

Yes, you can probably run 5k in just 3 days or less if you really want to, but the possibilities of being injured by the end of the run are far more than not.  Let’s not even mention you ending up despising running as a whole. So here’s our 5 top tips for achieving your goal of running a 5k.

If you go slow, you will go far. 

This cannot be stressed enough! When starting your running journey, you might believe you need to run fast and be quick on your feet. However, more of often than not, this might not be the case. Beginning to run, you will realise that 5k might actually be a bit longer than you thought. As a result, a 2-minute sprint might end up costing you energy and time for completing your 5k. Take it slow, pace it out.

Don’t aim for 5k, aim for 10 minutes.

 If you have never run before, you might find it hard running consistently for more than 2k even. So instead of focusing on the 5k, start by focusing on achieving at least 10 minutes of consistent running. Take a break if you need to, then start again.

Have comfortable shoes – or at least socks.

Running with shoes which are not fitted for your feet, might cause you injuries in the long run. Although, it is recommended wearing running trainers, it is completely understandable you might not want to make that investment just yet. If appropriate running trainers are not an option, it is at least advised to wear cushioned running socks that can at least absorb some of the impact your feet will be making with the ground, and you stay comfortable.

Stay consistent with your runs.

Consistency is key. Going for a short run once a week is a start, but to achieve your goal of running a 5k, you will need to build up on your runs & not neglect them. It will only get easier every time you decide to step out the door & go for a run. Start with one or two runs a week and then 3 would be optimal! Most importantly, do what feels right for your body.

Enjoy it & be proud of yourself.

Taking up running, is no easy task. But you have already decided to do it and you are out trying to achieve your 5k goal. This is already something to be proud of, so give yourself a pat on the back. It might take time, but you will get there. Enjoy it & stay positive on your runs! This might be hard for you to believe right now, but running can actually be really fun. We hope you stick around to see it.