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By Oliver on

For The Long Run – the ‘get round’plan

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The ‘get round’ plan

Doing your first half or full marathon and starting to panic because training hasn’t gone well so far? This plan will get you round either a half or a full marathon. If you’re doing a half marathon then choose the shorter distance shown, and pick the longer distance if doing the full 26.2 miles.

  • If your training hasn’t gone completely to plan so far, don’t worry. Focus instead on completing the race without increasing your risk of injury
  • Long run refers to the distance you’ll be covering. If this needs to include a few walk breaks that’s fine, but aim to keep them to a minimum
  • Run / walk means run as quickly as is comfortable for the stated time and then walk to recover
  • Long runs are scheduled for Sundays but if Saturday or a different day works better for you simply shift the entire schedule along by the appropriate number of days
  • Remember, where there are two distances on the plan, the first is for half marathon, the second for marathon training
  • Cross training can be anything from a strength-based gym session, a swim, a yoga or Pilates class or a bike ride. Anything but running.

Training guides have been devised by Christina Macdonald, Editor-at-Large of Women’s Running magazine and author of the book, Run Yourself Fit (Summersdale). She has completed two marathons and ten half marathons.

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