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By Oliver Carter on

Hyperchill: the fabric story

NEW Jacket & Gilet

The Hyperchill series including the Jacket and Gilet (Women's only) are brand new for the Autumn/Winter season.  

The 3 fabrics used are super-lightweight, combining excellent wicking properties, wind resistance and are considered as 'breathable insulation'.

The weight-to-warmth ratio is excellent and as a result can be worn on more varying weather days and this is made possible from the construction of the inner and outer fabrics that are used.

The Outer

The outer of the Jacket is made up of two new fabrics. On the arms, back, and sides is a 100% recycled Prism fabric, that features a one-way moisture transfer with superb thermal properties.

The back side of the fabric is designed with a jacquard honeycomb pattern that traps the body heat providing insulation to the body.

During running, body moisture is pulled away from the skin creating a hydro-channel in one direction to the outer face fabric. This then evaporates quickly keeping you dry and comfortable. The recycled polyester has 8% Elastane for great stretch and recovery.

The torso and lower back of the jacket is made up of our superlight 56g/m2 20 Denier Nylon woven Tornado fabric that keeps wind off and the weight down. (see slide below)

The Inner

The second fabric, located on the inner, is called Octa and is created by Teijin. This is a special cross-sectional polyester yarn made up of a hollow fibre with 8 protrusions and the benefits of using this fabric are numerous.

The yarn is 50% lighter than regular polyester results in a superlight product - 30g lighter than the current Matrix Jacket.

The gaps around the octa shape provide multiple passages for moisture to flow through - the result being a super-efficient sweat absorbency keeping you dry - also meaning the garment is fast drying.

The gaps between the spaces trap air for maximum thermal enhancement with minimal weight.

See slide below

Function first

We have applied these 3 special fabrics precisely where they are needed on the body to create a truly technical running piece.  

Wind resistance and thermal properties are provided by the woven Tornado fabric backed by the Octa fabric on the front, upper shoulders and mid to lower back. Stretch is provided by the Prism fabric on the sleeves, sides and upper back.

The Jacket/Gilet includes 2 zipped pockets, thumb loops and optional mitt (jacket), reflective zip and venting tab.

The overall garment is part-recycled.

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