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Marathon Essentials - the ultimate guide

You've done it. You've signed up for a marathon!

Whether this was a fully thought through decision or an impulsive
one; the show must go on...

but where do you even start?

Having a training plan should of course be a priority. Depending
on your previous experience this can vary. A usual timeframe can be anything
from 6 to 3 months. Some plans we recommend having a look at, depending on the
time you aim to achieve, are:

Once you’ve found a training plan suitable for you, the next thing to look at is your gear. Having appropriate running gear can help with avoiding unnecessary injuries like blisters and overall make your training and race day experience much easier & more pleasant.

Running socks

Technical running socks are a game changer. The reason being they offer better cushioning levels, higher breathability rates and sweat wickening abilities.

If you are suffering from blisters, we strongly recommend the Hilly Twin Skin socks to take the pain away. One of our best-selling and most loved Hilly products, it is strategically double layered to prevent friction between the skin, sock and shoe making sure you remain blister - free.

If you prefer something more lightweight - the Hilly Marathon Fresh running socks are the ones to save for your race day!

Lastly, for those who can't go without extra cushioning, the Hilly Supreme socks guarantee softness and smoothness in every stride. Top tip - save these for your long runs training.

Running Shoes

Being fitted in the suitable running shoe is highly important. Knowing your running style can help you understand if you need a neutral shoe or a support one. So when next free, pop in your local running shop and ask if they offer a gait analysis. They will be happy to help and take it from there!

Running Apparel

Running apparel can be very subjective depending on colour, budget etc.

However, storage is a kew word when choosing your preferred one. The Tech Distance Twin Shorts offer 3 different pockets (2 thigh pockets, 1 back zip pocket) and 2 gel loops, making it a great choice for your marathon training and race day!

When it comes to upper wear, you'll need garments which are breathable. Our Tech Golden Hour SS Tee is a great example of keeping you cool and controlling your body's temperature with the use of the Polartec®Delta™ technology.

Running Accessories

Effective hydration and fuel will play an important role whilst
you’re training but also on your race day. How you will choose to carry
hydration/fuel is completely personal. A few ways we suggest are:

  • Having a hydration vest which can help you store other items
    you may wish
  • Wearing a belt on the day. The Marathon Waist Belt is an
    excellent solution for having your running bib but also carrying any gels/hydration
    you may need.
  • Opting for apparel with pockets is another great alternative. The
    Tech Distance Twin Shorts offers specifically designed gel loops and additional
    3 pockets for anything else you may wish to carry.
  • Anti-chafing products! We can not stress this enough. The last thing anyone needs while trying to run 26.2 miles is things
    starting to rub on them. The best way to test this is on your longer runs. If
    you start noticing any unwanted rubbing, then we strongly recommend grabbing the
    Run Guard to prevent friction and chafing. Some call it holy grail…we call it being

We hope this guide helped you get started with the basics you'll need & wish you all the best for your training and race day!

Marathon Ready