Meet the team in 1 minute – Hanna

Name: Hanna Tarver

Age: 22

Club & Country: Wirral AC, England

Event: 800m

Occupation: Chemical Engineering Student

Personal bests: 800m- 2:01.82, 1500m- 4:16.9


1. Greatest running achievement to date?

Winning the British University Championships 800m 2014 and being selected to run for the senior England team.

2. Favorite piece of Ronhill clothing?

Tempest Jacket because it is unbelievably light weight and is perfect for keeping dry when running. I do also love the Aspiration Victory hoodie- so comfortable and looks great!

3. How often do you train per week?

I train 6 days a week twice a day including steady runs, tempo runs, 3 sessions, weights and circuits

4. What is your favorite session/workout?

I prefer track sessions, the speedier the better! I do like 200m sessions as you can really get in a good rhythm and I’ve been doing these sessions since I started training at 15.

5. What is your favourite place to run?

Anywhere with no mud!! I do most steady runs around a field which isn’t particularly inspiring, but I do enjoy running along the tow path in Cambridge.

6. Pre & post-race/session meals?

Pre- Porridge with blueberries, granola and almond butter

Post- Recovery shake and bounce ball

7. Tell us what race you haven’t done that you would love to?

The Olympics!!!

8. What’s your favorite motivational music?

This changes frequently- I tend to get bored of songs easily, but usually ends up being some sort of dance music

9. If you weren’t a runner what would you do instead?

Definitely another sport, I couldn’t cope with not doing some sort of exercise- I’d like to try rowing at some point!

10. Finish this sentence: by the time I retire from running I would like to have….

Run sub 2 for 800m and gained a senior GB vest



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