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Meet the team in 1 minute – Morten

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Name: Morten Auset 

Age: 35

Club & Country: Byåsen IL, Norway

Event: Ultrarunning

Occupation: Production Manager

Personal bests: Marathon: 2:56, 6 hour 73,908 km, 24 hour 161,636 k

Morten Auset is 36 years old and a former cross skier. He started to run in 2013 and completed Trondheim ½ Marathon that year. After reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, he was in love with ultra running and the mental and physical challenges it posed. In 2015 Morten completed more than 4,000 training kilometers and participated in Ultra Birken, Trondheim Marathon, Eco Trail and Bislett 24 hours (NM).

1. Greatest running achievement to date?

3rd place Copenhagen 6 hour run.

2. Favourite piece of Ronhill clothing?

Quantum Jacket

3. How often do you train per week?

6-7 times

4. What is your favourite session/workout?

Long Slow Distance, 3 hours +

5. What is your favorite place to run?

Places I`ve never run before

6. Pre & post-race/session meals?

Pre: anything with pasta, post: anything

7. Tell us what race you haven’t done that you would love to?


8. What’s your favorite motivational music?

System Of A Down and Pearl Jam

9. If you weren’t a runner what would you do instead?

Cross Country Skiing

10. Finish this sentence: by the time I retire from running I would like to have….

finished Spartathlon

Morten training in northern Norway during the winter months
Morten training in northern Norway during the winter months

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