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By Oliver on

RunEveryDay 2016 – the idea behind it

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The #RunEveryDay initiative is capturing this spirit of what Ron has dedicated a lifetime to.

Decades ago, not content at being the fastest man in the world over 26.2 miles, he set out to run every day. On December 20th 2014 he clocked-up fifty years. That’s fifty years of running every day – no matter what. He now holds the world record.

And now it’s your turn to be a part of it in our October Challenge.

#RunEveryDay is about people’s passion for running, that every day we love to go out, unwind and keep fit & active. Everyone one of you has your own goals and abilities and whether this be to run once or twice a week, train for a race, run every weekday or all year, its together our shared interest & experiences in the sport that inspires.

Always listen to your own body. Know when to go for a slow, shorter run or have a rest day. You can always go again tomorrow.

We will give you the advice and support and everyone involved will to. We are looking forward to sharing experiences, not just of your run streaks, but also your race highlights, beautiful places to go running and amusing stories from your runs.

Join the club here to be the first to receive advice, stories and giveaways.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay informed throughout October and to be part of this social running movement.

Happy running,



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