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By Oliver on

#RunEveryDay October Challenge 2017 – making the ‘unnormal’, normal.

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Normal says stay in bed at 6am

Normal says watch TV every night

Normal says do what’s expected

Normal says rest

Normal says take it easy

Unnormal says run

And run




This October do something unnormal

Ronhill will challenge the running community to start their own run streak throughout the 31 days of the month.

The founder of the brand, Dr Ron Hill MBE, completed the world’s longest recorded run streak totalling 52 years and 39 days without a day off, ending in January of this year.

Oliver Carter, Marketing Manager said Ron’s story isn’t normal and is at the very heart of the brand and we wish to tell it to as many people as we can in the hope it inspires them to do something untypical this October, and what better than their own run streak!.

It will be the third year of the challenge as we continue to build on our community of run streakers

For more information or to sign up to the challenge please visit: –

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