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#RunEveryDay Training Plans

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A run streak is a great way of creating a solid exercise habit and building up your fitness quickly, so whether you choose a streak of 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or an entire month, our easy to follow training plans will get you into the routine.

Top tips for maximum results with your run streak

1. For each day’s training, spend 4-6 minutes walking with a progressively increased pace to warm up

2. Stretch your legs at the end of each training session and try to incorporate some stretching periodically throughout each day as you go about your daily routine

3. Walk and run with good posture. Look forward, not down; keep your shoulders back; swing your arms and don’t drag your feet

4. Breath deeply as you run

5. Made sure you’re always well hydrated

Beginner runner’s plan

If you’re brand new to running, this schedule will get you up to speed with 10-minutes of run time every day of your running streak. Start with alternating walking and running for the times specified and feel free to judge your run pace according to how you feel.  You might run a little faster for shorter run intervals and ease off during longer intervals.  The main thing is there should be a recognisable difference in your walking and running pace, i.e. a run is always a jog or run, not a walk.

The schedule becomes a little more challenging as the month progresses but it’s fine if you want to streak for just a week or two, or continue with some of the workouts from the early days and repeat these later in the month for the full 31-day streak.

Pdf –  Click here to download

Advanced runner’s plan

For regular runners the key to a successful streak is maximising fitness while avoiding injury. With this in mind the schedule has plenty of suggestions for run sessions of varying intensities and you should always listen to feedback from your body on how hard you want to push yourself on any given day.  If you feel that, following one of the tougher days, you need a little bit more recovery, select one or two of the lighter workouts for the subsequent training sessions.

Pdf – Click here to download

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