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Running in the dark. Hi-Vis, fluorescent colours & lights.
Where do I start?

When we think of running in winter months, we instantly
think of rain, wind, cold...and dark.

Running at low light conditions means having a higher risk of not being
seen by the people or drivers in the environment you’re in.

The argument of wearing fluorescent colours vs reflective gear
remains. However, the answer is quite simple. First let’s look at each option

What is a High-Visibility garment?

Hi-Vis garments feature materials which are retro-reflective, meaning they are effective at returning directional light striking their surface, back towards its point of origin. Vehicle headlights is a great example of how Hi-Vis products reflect to light coming their way.

Due to their reflective abilities, Hi-Vis products are
highly recommended when running in hours of darkness, meaning early mornings in
winter or late afternoons/nights.

The Afterhours collection has been designed to offer the ultimate Hi-Vis for both the day and night runner. The retro-reflectivity has been placed in parts where most movement is made when running such as the our arms, wrists and legs. They also combine both fluorescent performance fabric and reflective strips.

What is a Fluorescent garment?

Products which feature a fluorescent dye are also great ways of being seen when you run. During daylight, wearing bright colours can make
you stand out in crowds and cars. However, it needs to be noted that during the night their fluorescent colour abilities stop being useful. When it’s dark, people or cars will not be able to see what colours you are wearing. Therefore, when running at night the importance of having a highly reflective component in your gear remains a priority.

Having covered the two most basic and crucial ways of protection when running in the dark there is one more which should not be neglected.

What about head torches and lights?

Now, this is something worth mentioning.

Head torches and lights are also important when running in the dark, but it all depends on the run you will be doing. Is it going to be a trail one or a road one where you know no road lights are provided? If so, then having a head torch will help guide you through the path. Small clip-on lights, are always a great addition to your reflective gear, offering greater protection without them being harsh on others.

Overall, depending on the runs you have on the schedule different equipment might be needed. Having a fluorescent reflective item can be useful in situations of both light and dark, whereas a head torch is highly recommended for routes lacking light.

Stay safe & keep on running.

Afterhours Collection