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By Oliver on

Running with Vizion

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As the nights draw in and weather becomes more inclement, there is no excuse to hang up those running shoes and hibernate. Ronhill offers a great range of running clothing and accessories to help protect you from the elements, keep you visible, looking and feeling great when out on those dark or gloomy runs over the winter.

Conspicuity is a key safety element on early morning and night runs in the winter

Two key elements to running in the dark are conspicuity and reflectivity. Conspicuity comes from bright coloured fabrics, like Fluorescent Yellow’s and Pinks. Reflectivity comes from strips of tape and trim on clothing and accessories that is lit up by car headlights. It is important to think about both of these elements when choosing a running outfit that you might use when its dark outside. Another feature available is LED. Here the LED light is attached to the jacket or accessory aiding visibility and has different modes like on/off and flashing. These are detachable so you can wash the item without damaging the LED.

Ronhill has a range of Hi-Viz clothing and accessories

The “Ronhill Vizion” Hi-Visibility clothing and accessory ranges are made using a number of technical fabrics to regulate body temperature, keep wind and rain from cooling you down. Along with the bright fluorescent colours and reflective detail, some with LED features, assist with keeping you visible. This range is designed to keep you running through the winter day or night not matter what the weather.

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