Sarah secures bronze medal in World Mountain Championships in Italy.

Team Ronhill athlete Sarah Tunstall (Kendal AC) produced the performance of her career to finish 3rd in the World Mountain Running Championships (Up and Down) in Premana, Italy.

The former European Cross Country silver medallist has based herself in the French Alps for the past 18 months and has reaped the rewards by highlighting herself as one of the top mountain runners in the world.

Three weeks earlier she finished 2nd in the European Uphill Championships and comfortably won the British equivalent in early June.

In the senior men’s race, Team Ronhill were well represented with Joe Steward (East Cheshire) in 51st and Matt Setlack in 56th representing Canada.

Full results of the race can be found here:


Team Ronhill : Sarah Tunstall, Matt Setlack, Joe Steward
Team Ronhill : Sarah Tunstall, Matt Setlack, Joe Steward

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