Taken by Storm  – By Hanna Tarver

The women’s Storm Jacket will keep you warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet and visible when it’s dark. If there is one jacket you should posses it has be the Storm.

It is almost impossible to believe that a jacket can be fully waterproof but still feel soft, comfortable and light weight. It has a brushed inner lining and collar with a fold away hood lending itself perfectly to multipurpose use for running or as an everyday jacket. There is no excuse for losing track of time either, as there is a transparent window on the left sleeve to allow your watch to be seen at a glance.

For keys, there is a chest pocket which is fully waterproofed and also large enough for other personal items. The central zip of the jacket is also waterproofed and is coloured pink which I think adds a feminine touch and ensures you are seen. To further aid visibility, especially when running at night there are pink and reflective strips along the back and sleeves.

I often wear the jacket for warming up before interval sessions and for steady runs under cold temperatures. A feature that I particularly like is the discrete back air vent which prevents the build up of moisture and helps maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

So if you’re looking for a quality jacket, the Storm is excellent value for money and will certainly last. It’s my favourite jacket, will it be yours?

Middle Distance athlete Hanna Tarver trains in the Vizion Storm Jacket during Winter