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WINDSTOPPER® by Gore-Tex Labs

The ultimate and only windproof protection you will be needing from now on.

Innovation has always been synonymous with our brand.

Continuously looking for ways to enhance the running apparel
world means collaborating and exploring new fabrics as well as asking the
question of "how can we provide better for runners?"

After prolong research, we have collaborated with GORE-TEX™ to offer two windproof apparel products; our brand new Windstopper Jacket and
Windstopper gloves, made with WINDSTOPPER® technology by Gore-Tex Labs.

For decades, millions of people have trusted the waterproof protection fromGORE-TEX™.

GORE® has invested and developed WINDSTOPPER™ as a high-performance technology which boosts performance when waterproof protection isn’t a priority. Their technology guarantees being totally windproof and reliably
breathable, so you can continue with your training and stay protected from the wind chills. 

How it works:

Most textiles are naturally open structures which allows the
wind to penetrate, making our body shiver with cold. The construction of the
WINDSTOPPER® technology developed by Gore-Tex Labs is they come from a laminate of
selected textiles and an ultra-thin membrane.

By Gore’s standards, a fabric can only be considered truly windproof if its air permeability is 1.0 cfm (< 5 l/m2/s) or less. It’s a standard our products easily meet. The membrane technology in GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER™ products has billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, so even though wind can’t get in, moisture from sweat vapor can easily get out.

In addition to the membrane technology, a PFC-free DWR treatment is
used. This way, any water touching the outer face textile will bead and roll
off, making them water and snow resistant for an extra layer of harsh weather

Lastly, our brand new Windstopper Jacket and Gloves boost an exclusive partnership with outdoor leading brand, Mountain Equipment, giving them the final nod in being the go to jacket for windy, cold, drier weather conditions.

Let the running adventures begin.

    Windstopper Collection