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By Oliver on

Winter Tights for Cold Days

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Keeping warm and running strong through the winter is a case of doing – and wearing – the right thing at the right time. Being prepared by wearing the appropriate kit at this time of year can really help to keep you focused and motivated when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Also, a well-regulated body temperature can limit the offset of factors that effect running performance in cold conditions.

Without going into too much detail, the scientific research behind cold temperatures and running performance shows that the body relies heavily on carbohydrates and less on fats for energy, leading to your lactate production heightening which indicates that you go into “oxygen debt” to produce energy. The knock on effect of this muscles contractions being less powerful and energy reserves will drain faster by relying on carbohydrates.

If this year is anything like last, be prepared for running in icy and snowy conditions right up until mid March.

An ideal product for wintery runs is the aptly named Winter Tight.These tights keep your leg muscles warm and supported in winter running conditions. They have a premium quality brush back Lycra Sport fabric, which keeps out the cold and provides total freedom of movement.

The brushed backing to this fabric has two main functions.

  1. The immediate thermal, soft handle of the brushed inner of this fabric is incredibly comfortable against the skin and also acts as an insulation
  2. The brushed, open fibre construction facilitates moisture management and will prevent the wearer from overheating.

As a guide, the fabric of these tights will keep you warm at temperatures between –7 an 10 degrees.

Men's Colours: Black/Fluo Yellow & All Black, Womens Colours: Black/Fluo Pink


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