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By Chris Green on

Women’s Running Magazine Product Review – Vizion Storm Jacket

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Tester: Sophie Cullinan

Age: 44

Occupation: Artist

How did it look?

It has a sleek, flattering but not too clingy shape

How did the material feel?

It has a soft natural feel, with a stretchy but substantial quality

Was it thick or light?

Surprisingly light

Did it have reflective strips?

There are reflective and neon strips on the tops of both arms and in a partial stripe down the back

Did it have a pocket?

It has one big left-side breast pocket that could fit many items, although I did feel slightly lopsided with everything on one side of my body

Did it fit comfortably?

Yes, though the collar was a little stiff and lumpy when the hood was enclosed

How warm was it?

It felt pretty cosy

Did it keep you dry?

It was impressive in heavy rain and in a fierce wind.

Did it have a hood?


Did you feel good in it?

It felt very professional

Any other comments?

I loved the cutaway cuffs

Would you wear it again?



Style: 9/10

Comfort: 9/10

The Vizion Storm Retails at £120. It comes in Black/Fluo Pink for Women and Black/Fluo Yellow or Black/Fluo Orange for Men

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