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Golden Hour

A chance to get away for a week or two to escape the daily grind
and focus on our running is a welcome one. A couple of favoured options some
runners chose to take are to either head abroad with their training buddies and
create their own camp or to a ready-made retreat.

A few of the popular places to go are Font Romeu and Chamonix.
These higher altitude places have less oxygen, creating more red blood cells
and higher efficiency, helping you build or top-up your fitness. Besides the
performance benefits the most obvious benefit of a training camp is the lack of
distractions. The peace, the quiet and an all-out focus on running and having

One of the best reasons to get out on your own training camp or book onto one yourself is that you get to meet loads of passionate runners, who want to train and improve, and share training ideas, racing plans and some
great stories made through running.

Good times to head out is before or after the winter cross country season, so August or April would be our choices.

We joined a team of athletes, including our brand ambassador Harriet, over in Chamonix to test out our new Golden Hour Tees and Vests on a training run in beautiful scenery and got caught up in the fun had out on the hills.

The Golden Hour tops are perfect for hot weather as the Polartec® Delta™ fabric works towards actually cooling the body down. Delta™ works efficiently by elevating touch-points for increased airflow, faster moisture
dispersal, and reduced wet-cling.

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