Northern Sole

The groundbreaking icon that changed running forever.

Runner's World Magazine (UK) February 2021


In this month's RW edition, Kerry Mccarthy takes a look back on Ron's career, from setting up the

brand 50 years ago to becoming one of Britain's most decorated and respected athletes.



This wonderful piece begins at the very beginning, as a scrappy kid with the odds stacked against him, to

defying these odds as a world class athlete and product innovator.


Ron is a 3 time Olympian and set records over 10 miles, 15 miles, 25km, Marathon and holds the record

for the longest run streak in history (52 years and 39 days).


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"I knew I had a good run and yet seventh place meant nothing.

People were congratulating me but seventh was no good”

"Since setting up Ronhill, anywhere he's lived has been two or three miles

from the office so he could run to work”