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Winter wisdom

Winter is the time for covering ground and the dedication towards the next big goal.


Fartlek sessions, extended runs, double days are racked up waiting to emerge

and be seen at the right time. But the wild, irregular weather can quickly reminds

us of the struggle, testing our defiance.


Our winter clothing is appropriately designed for what’s needed to stay

comfortable, keeping you progressing in the worst weather.


Lose a layer

‘Layering up' in winter can be a misnomer and many runners make this mistake by

applying one-too-many tees, becoming hot, sweaty and bogged down in excess weight.


Although better to be over than under prepared, we have been sourcing the most

befitting base fabric that can be worn in changing conditions that won't force you

into tying unwanted kit around your waist.


Prism 1/2 Zip

The newly designed Prism ½ zip tee is extremely versatile and can be

worn effectively over a base layer, under a jacket or next-to-skin.


The hexagonal grid pattern works to trap air which insulates the body

without the need for an extra layer, thus creating less bulk.


The fabric moves moisture really effectively and means that the sweat on the inside

is drawn to the outside quickly, keeping you super dry and comfortable.


Additional features include the roll-away mitt for hand coverage when you turn into the

wind and a small secure pocket for your key.


Women's comes in two colours; Khaki/Citrus (as shown)

and Cabernet/Dune, and Men's in Cobalt/Citrus (as shown)

and Pewter/Flame.


Sold out
Rh-00764 Cabernet/Dune

Sold out
Rh-00768 Cobalt/Citrus