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Preparing for the big day is a beautiful journey, yet hard as it is. We thought taking the worry of what to wear away from it and help with all that race day nervous excitement and energy.

On the day, performance is all you need. The training has been done, the mileage has been run. All that matters now is the start and most importantly, the finish line. Having a running heritage of over 53 years and being founded by one of Britain's greatest runners, Dr. Ron Hill, we have it's only appropriate to design and release a curated Race Collection, combining all our running knowledge and experience.

Lightweight & Bonded

With no room for distractions, our Tech Race Vest and Tech Race S/S Tee feature bonded construction to avoid friction on the seams. The back design has an extra breathable panel to allow optimal ventilation.

The Tech Race Vest weight ranges from 49g to 51g in women's and men's and the Tech Rach S/S Tee at 61g to 71g accordingly.

Apart from the importance of lightness, practicality is also something we take under deep consideration when designing our products. Although our Race Collects is designed with minimal features, we have still found a way to keep a way for you to carry your essentials on the day.

Fast and Practical

The Tech Race Short and Tech Race Twin Short are both made featuring bonded constructions to maintain their lightweight purpose. However, we have ensured they are stills practical for race day.

The Tech Race Short features elasticated gel loops for easier access to gels on the day and a small side zip pocket for any small valuables you might still wish to hold on to.

Equally The Tech Twin Short features elasticated gel loops as well as two side stash pockets for further storage needed on the day.

Running Accessories

An additional thing to keep in mind is any small accessories you might want to use on the day. Our lightweight headband is a great way of making sure your hair stays out of the way. The Marathon Waist Belt is also a great solution to cary those essential items you may have with you on race day. Things like gels, keys and your phone all fit inside this neat and slim waist belt.

Finally, regardless of which of the above sparkled your interest most and you wish to wear on your race day, we wish you the best of luck!

Shop the full Race Collection below.

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