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  • By Michael Crawley Tapering is what a candle does towards its wick. It’s also what marathoners do before they race. But how and when to taper before you light it up on race day will… Read more
  • By Michael Crawley Respect the Distance The thing about the marathon is that it’s just a little bit too far. Even for the very best runners in the world, those last few miles are a… Read more
  • By Michael Crawley The Physiology Runs over about 90 minutes in length deliver a whole range of physiological benefits. Your heart will get stronger. Your muscular endurance will improve as mitochondria (the ‘powerhouse’ of your… Read more
  • Looking to fuel those longer runs? We reveal the top foods to help you cover those additional miles If you’re looking to increase your mileage in preparation for a marathon or half marathon, then you… Read more
  • By Michael Crawley Often we put so much emphasis on the training and tapering before a race that we forget about the importance of the actual race morning. It is true that all the hard… Read more
  • We're offering the chance for you and a friend to win a weekend trip to Bergen, Norway, The prize includes 2 x flights, 2 x nights’ accommodation, and 2 x entry into the Bergen Half… Read more
  • By Michael Crawley Four weeks out. When you decided to run this marathon it was months away. Then suddenly it was weeks. Soon it will be days, then hours. It’s starting to feel pretty real,… Read more
  • Want to nail a personal best in a half marathon or full marathon? If you’re doing a half marathon then choose the shorter distance shown, and pick the longer distance if doing the full 26.2… Read more
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